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Support: Devon Sproule
Contradictions is the brand new record by dynamic pop auteur Paul Smith. It shows a more vulnerable side to the Maxïmo Park ringleader, drawing inspiration from across the miles, combining North Easterly charm with the grit of Brooklyn’s NYC coast, showing that no matter where you’re heading or where you’ve been, life itself can be a bit of a paradox.
Contradictions took four years to write and record, having begun life on the road at the point Paul assembled his ‘Intimations’, Andrew Hodson (drums) from electronic duo Warm Digits and Claire Adams (bass), to help tour his personal solo debut Margins. The album finds Paul in a more reflective state opposed to the adrenaline-fuelled pop choruses he’s been known for up to now and is a clearer, more hi-fi progression from Margins’ melancholy.
”I only ever want to release music that I feel adds something new to the world, however small”, Smith says, “and I’m confident that Contradictions is an alternative pop record that fulfils my own criteria.”




September 17, 2015


20:30 PM



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